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Our Exhibitions

Our exhibitions are packed full of stories, knowledge and activities for visitors of all ages. Join us on a voyage through more than a thousand years of maritime history!

The Gram Collection

Maritime paintings from oceans and coasts

The artworks in this collection often depict general topics: the experience of oceans and coasts in stormy and calm weather, the struggle against the forces of nature – often a struggle of life and death. However, they also show the joys of being on the shore and at sea, in leisure and at play.

The hall features maritime paintings by Norwegian artists. The pictures draw their motifs from sailing, seafarers and coastal dwellers, as well as beautiful Norwegian coastal scenery. In terms of their content, the motifs can be arranged in groups:

  • History
  • The ocean
  • Landfall
  • The coast
  • Modern times

The large breadth of the collection is due to a generous donation from the shipbroker H. T. Gram.

The photo carousel below shows glimpses of the exhibition:

  • ‘Crab fishers’
    ‘Crab fishers’ There are few other motifs that can evoke an equally carefree summer atmosphere. Three little girls in a dinghy are completely engrossed in their play with the fishing line. Painting, 1911. WIlhelm Otto Peters (1851-1935) / Beate Kjørslevik/Norsk Maritimt Museum
  • ‘Fishermen at Kvitsøy’
    ‘Fishermen at Kvitsøy’ The painter was the son of a lighthouse keeper on Kvitsøy island in the Ryfylke district. The wind is brisk and the open fishing boats seem ridiculously small among the skerries lining the archipelago. The unusually low angle pulls the spectator into the events, providing for a particularly close contact with the water and the spray. Painting (cropped section), undated. Haakon Jensen Kaulum (1863-1933) / Beate Kjørslevik/Norsk Maritimt Museum
  • ‘On deck in the trade winds’
    ‘On deck in the trade winds’ For the rich and wealthy, the journey could be pure diversion, and a hint of decadent luxury is communicated by the two lounging female figures. Painting (cropped section), 1933. Henrik Louis Lund (1879-1935) / Espen Wæhle/Norsk Maritimt Museum