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At Sea!

"At Sea!" is an exhibition about people at sea, from the Viking Age to the present day.

Experience the lives and everyday routines of individuals from places like the sterncastle and poop deck, galley and hearth, rigging and engine room. Through them, you become acquainted with Norwegian and international maritime history.

What were the duties of the 15-year-old cook's boy who went to sea in 1874? What was life like as a pirate in the Middle Ages? What did the ship's captain do in 1890 if any of the crew became seriously ill?

And what about the slave, sold in triangular trade in 1768? What was it like to be a female telegraphist in the 1960s or a boatswain on a warship in 1648? What significance and role did Norwegian sailors have during World War II?

From the museum's extensive collections, cannonballs, tools, personal effects, clothing, and souvenirs are presented. Alongside paintings, photographs, diaries, letters, and films, visitors are brought close to the drama and everyday life at sea.

A dedicated children's trail showcases animals and insects that have accompanied sailors throughout history.

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Museum24:Portal - 2024.06.11
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