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At Sea!

Sailor’s life during the past thousand years.

Meet an exhibit about people at sea, from the Viking era until today. Explore people’s everyday lives seen from places like the ships aft, poop deck, the galley, the rig and the engine room.

What where the typical tasks of the 15-year-old cook’s boy at sea in 1874? What was life as a pirate like during the middle ages? What did the shipmaster do when one of the crewmembers became seriously ill at sea in 1890?

What about the slaves who were sold in the triangle trade in 1768? And how was it like to be a female radio-operator in the 1960’s, or a Petty Officer on a warship in 1648? What role did the Norwegian merchant sailors play during World War II?

The exhibit displays an abundance of artefacts like cannonballs, tools, personal effects, clothing and souvenirs. Alongside paintings, photos, diaries, letters and film, the audience presented with the dramatic life at sea.