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Explore the ocean

Our brand new exhibition is focused on marine littering, and we want you to become truly fond of the sea!

  • Children exploring the submarine. WAL

Myths, monsters and heroes of the sea

Join us below sea level, as we discover the sea! It all starts with our friend the marmel, who tells his story and takes you down into the depths. You get to come along, through underwater caves and over anemones, into the plastic laboratory and to the fantastic submarine! You will learn not only about the sea's many mythical creatures and newly discovered species, but of the consequences of plastic littering.

  • Investigations in the plastic lab.

Renewal and the green shift

In addition to a completely new and magical underwater world for children, parts of the exhibition "Norway is the sea" will be continued and renewed. Maritime archeology, shipping and the historical development of ships are important parts of the museum's dissemination, and archeology is our unique gateway to the the history of consumption and waste.

We also focus on the increasing dedication among environmentalists of all ages, and the measures that are taken at a national and an international level. In order to achieve the climate goals set for 2050, increased utilization of marine resources, in a sustainable way, will be key. We offer an insight into how people have used the ocean through the last 500 years, from emission-free sailing ships, via steam engines and the oil age, towards the green solutions of the future.

  • Waste history and a wave of plastic. WAL

An ocean of plastic

The "garbage wave" will be one of the exhibition's main installations, and shows the waste from different eras through a 500 year perspective. We offer an insight into exciting archaeological finds and visible evidence of the plastic pollution which is abundant at modern ports and beaches. The plastic wave sweeping over us, shows how increasing consumption and years of poor waste management have filled the ocean with plastic.

A unique experience

"Explore the ocean!" is an exhibition that simply must be experienced by curious individuals of all ages. It is made possible with the support of the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund, and its unique style is created by the multi-artists Pjotr Sapegin, Kristin Günther and Pippip Ferner.

The exhibition will appeal to the senses, emotions and intellect, by showing what is about to happen to the ocean. The goal is for you to become truly fond of the ocean, learn about how much we depend on it and understand what it will take to reverse the its current deterioration. We look forward to welcoming children, teenagers and adults, all eager to discover the ocean.

See more photos from the exhibition

  • 1/10
    Join us on a voyage of discovery in the submarine. Norsk Maritimt Museum
  • 2/10
    A seal using a periscope on board the model of the RV Emily. Norsk Maritimt Museum
  • 3/10
    Experience mythical creatures from the maritime folklore. Norsk Maritimt Museum
  • 4/10
    You will also get to meet the rather scary kraken! Norsk Maritimt Museum
  • 5/10
    Will this ferocious catfish scare you?
  • 6/10
    Plastic astray are the sea monsters of our time!
  • 7/10
    Plastic of all colors and shapes end up in the sea. Norsk Maritimt Museum
  • 8/10
    Can you tell what the plastic has been used for? Norsk Maritimt Museum
  • 9/10
    Detail from the soft anemone pillow.
  • 10/10
    Stand at the helm, as you look out over the Oslo Fjord.
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