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Explore the ocean

In the exhibition "Explore the ocean," you encounter myths, monsters, and heroes of the sea. The stories about the sea are exciting and diverse. We want you to fall in love with the ocean!

Join us as we discover the sea! Dive into the underwater cave, explore anemones and kelp forests. Take a trip to the plastic laboratory and aboard the amazing submarine! 

Here, you'll learn not only about the sea's many mythical creatures and newly discovered species, but also about the consequences of plastic pollution. We offer insights into the use of the sea over 500 years, from the emission-free era of sailing ships, through steam power and the age of oil, towards future green solutions.

The exhibition aims to appeal to senses, emotions, and intellect, by showing what is happening to the sea. We want you, as our visitor, to fall in love with the ocean, learn about how dependent we are on it, and understand what it takes to reverse the destructive trends.

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    "The Trash Wave" is one of the main installations in the exhibition, showcasing waste from different time periods over 500 years; from archaeological findings to visible evidence of plastic pollution. Metro Branding
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