Reconstruction of a Viking boat

While the Viking Ship Museum is closed, the Norwegian Maritime Museum, in collaboration with the Cultural History Museum will exhibit one of the Viking boats from the Gokstad discovery and build a replica in the museum's new boat building! Opens this summer.

  • Båtbygger ved Norsk Maritimt Museum, Lars Stålegård, undersøker akterstevnen på vikingtidsbåten fra Gokstadhaugen. (Foto/Photo)
    Boat builder Lars is examining the Viking boat, that is going to be exhibited in the Norwegian Maritime Museum this summer. Norsk Maritimt Museum

Exhibition and boat building

With a focus on Viking-era and boat building, we are opening a completely new exhibition and boat building work shop. In the exhibition "The ship" you can see one of the original boats from the "Gokstad" discovery.The Viking boat builders produced high-speed craft with greater craftsmanship than ever before. 

The main part of the exhibition will be a reconstruction of one of the smaller boats from the "Gokstad" discovery. The reconstruction work will be carried out with scientific and experimental methods that can provide unknown knowledge about the Vikings' vessels. The public will be able to see boat building and experimental archeology up close. 

The replica will be used for dissemination and experiences for a long time to come, and will be a lasting investment in the future development of the museum environment on Bygdøy.The boat building project will last for the next four years, and is supported by Sparebankstiftelsen and the UNI Foundation.

  • Rekonstruksjonstegning av Fredrik Johannessen publisert i 1940. Viking. Tidsskrift for norrøn arkeologi. Bind IV (Foto/Photo)
    Reconstruction drawing made by Fredrik Johannessen, published i 1940

The new museum of the Viking age

The Viking ship museum in Bygdøy is now closed, to make way for a new fantastic museum building. In the Norwegian Maritime Museum you will have the opportunity to see one of the Viking boats in the exhibition "The Ship" from summer 2022. The exhibition is a collaboration with the Cultural History Museum and will last for about four years, while a new museum building is being built for the existing collections at Vikingskipshuset.

Opens summer 2022

The boat building work shop and the exhibition in the Norwegian Maritime Museum opens summer 2022 and is shown on DECK U.