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Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones

Come and play! Walk along the harbor, board the ship Queen of Congo, and sail the seven seas.

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The exhibition "Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones" is a playful attraction for children of all ages! Join the gorilla Sally Jones on her adventurous journey across the seven seas, through perilous jungles, and eerie ports. Meet the open-minded sailor Chiefen, who becomes her lifelong friend. Set sail on the Queen of Congo, stop by the "Gorilla Bar," or embark on an expedition in our own jungle!

This is an exhibition created with children in mind, allowing them to physically engage in this magical universe.

The exhibition is based on the award-winning book "The Legend of Sally Jones" by Jakob Wegelius (2008). The book has already become a children's and young adult classic. It is a tale of broken promises and betrayal, but also of hope, tolerance, friendship, and finding the way home.

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"Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones" was produced by the Åland Maritime Museum Foundation (2013), opened at the Norwegian Maritime Museum in 2017, and is part of the museum's permanent exhibitions. Text in the exhibition is in Norwegian, English, and Arabic. The book "The Legend of Sally Jones" is available for purchase in the museum shop.

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