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Questions and Answers

People often ask questions about our event venues and how things work. Here are a few of them. We hope you find them useful. If not, feel free to give us a call on: 0047 22 12 37 00

How early should the venue be booked?

It is good advise to book the venue early. This applies especially for weddings, confirmations, Christmas parties and summer parties. Popular dates for weddings and confirmations can fill up more than a year in advance, so it pays off to book early.
Meetings and conferenses should be booked at least one month prior to the event.
Feel free to contact us if you are a bit late. We try to find good solutions, even on short notice.

Is it possible to rent a venue during the summer holidays and public holidays?

No, we are closed for all rental throughout July, as well as on public holidays.

How does payment work?

When the date for the event is set, and the reservation is confirmed by you, we will send an invoice for the rental amount. The venue is not considered booked until the rental amount is paid. We invoice for the entire rental amount in advance of the event, and the invoice must be paid before using the premises. The exception is meetings and conferences where we invoice after completion. The invoice is issued from Norsk Folkemuseum, dept. Norsk Maritimt Museum, and an invoicing fee of 50 NOK will be added.

What happens if the event is canceled?

In case of cancellation, the rental amount will be refunded according to our terms. Note that cancellation deadline varies depending on type of event. If canceled within the deadline, the whole amount will be refunded. If canceled after the deadline, no rent will be refunded. 

Cancellation deadlines:

  • Weddings: 12 months
  • Confirmations: 6 months
  • Parties/receptions/evening events: 3 months
  • Baptisms: 1 month
  • Meetings and conferences: 2 months

For meetings and conferences we invoice after completion. A fee of 5,000 NOK will be charged if canceled less than 8 weeks before the event date.

What is included in the rental amount?

All the preparations connected with cleaning and setting up the venue, including white damask tablecloths, damask napkins, white candles and candlesticks are included together with all table settings like glasses, cutlery and plates.
For big events, the hall Triton is included. This room has its own south facing terrace. Triton is very well suited for receptions with a welcome drink, and for coffee and cake later in the evening.

What is not included in the rental amount?

Flower decorations are not included, but Food Occasion can assist with this. Alternatively, flowers can be ordered from your own supplier with delivery to the museum. You can also bring your own flowers. They must be ready to be placed on the tables in vases. We do not have vases for flowers.

Wifi and technical equipment

We provide free wifi throughout the venue. A projector, screen and sound system is available in Røylen. We provide a projector and sound system, but the source, such as a laptop with HDMI adapter must be brought along. Unfortunately there is no access to a printer. 

Is the venue adapted for disabled people?

Yes, all our areas are adapted for wheelchair access.

Can menus be adapted for allergies and food preferances?

Yes, just let us know about this when ordering.

Can we bring our own food and drink?

No. Food and drink must be purchased through Food Occasion. Please also note that Food Occasion has its own cancellation deadlines and fees.

Who is responsible for security?

There must be staff from Food Occasion present throughout the event. The museum is affiliated with Zone Security and Food Occasion can call a security guard if needed.

How does the bar solution work after dinner?

The host can choose to pay all the drinks for his or her guests and will then be invoiced according to consumption, or guests can pay for drinks themselves.

How is public transport to the city center in the evenings?

In the evening there is only a bus connection from the stop "Fredriksborg" which is about  a 10 minute walk from the museum. The last bus to Oslo city center goes at 00:16 on weekdays. Friday and Saturday there is also a night bus every 30 minutes.
Skøyen station is about 5 minutes away by car, or two kilometers walking.

Is it possible to take a boat to and from Bygdøynes?

Yes between March and October the Bygdøy ferry runs between Rådhuskaien and Bygdøynes. For more information, prices and departure times see Båtservice Sightseeing AS.

Is it possible to order a boat privately?

Yes, with our partner Båtservice Sightseeing AS we offer rental of a sightseeing boat from April to October. The boat’s capacity is max 100 people.


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