Ten good reasons to visit us!

The view!

  • Norsk Maritimt Museum

In the exhibition "At sea!" you can enjoy a lovely view of the Oslo Fjord at your own pace. From there you can see lighthouses marking the fairway to Oslo, ferrys, cruise ships, cargo ships, sailboats and yachts passing by.

Norway's oldest boat

  • Norsk Maritimt Museum

At the Norwegian Maritime Museum you can see Norway's oldest boat, the Dugout canoe. It is estimated to be about 2200 years old, twice the age of the Viking ships! Experience it on the U deck in the exhibition "The Ship".

Maritime paintings

  • Norsk Maritimt Museum

Experience the sea through the eyes of Norwegian artists. The Gram Collection of paintings offers beautiful art from life near and on the sea. The collection includes works by a number of renowned Norwegian artists, including Axel Revold, Hans Gude and Christian Krohg.

For the playful

  • Barn spiller "Sjøens motorvei"
    Norsk Maritimt Museum

Try our game "Highway of the seas" on deck 3. Sign up as a shipbroker, and compete with your friends to see who is better at transporting cars or bulk across the sea. On deck U, you canmaneuver the tug boat Southampton in our indoor boat pool! Get free tokens in our visitors centre.

The Voyages of the Chief and Sally Jones

  • Gutt arbeider i styrhuset ombord på Queen of Congo
    Norsk Maritimt Museum

Enter the magical universe of the Chief and Sally Jones! Walk along the busy pier or have a break in "Gorilla Bar". Maybe you'd rather stay at the helm of the "Queen of Congo?" This is a place to explore and play, located on deck 3. At certain dates there's also a theatre play for children (in Norwegian) titled "Between Jungle and Sea"!

Panoramic Film

  • Norsk Maritimt Museum

"The ocean as a way of life" is a fantastic journey along the Norwegian coastline. The film is shown every half hour, and has a duration of 18 mins. Produced by Caprino Panoramic.

Events and lectures

  • Norsk Maritimt Museum

We arrange various guided tours and lectures. Keep an eye on our website to see what happens in the near future.

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The Light House

  • Fyrtårnet ved Norsk Maritimt Museum, laget av søppel fra havet. I bakgrunnen museumsbygningen.
    Norsk Maritimt Museum

The colorful Lighthouse was built for the exhibition "Hope for Oceans?", and it is made of plastic found in the sea along the Norwegian coast. Help create awareness about plastic waste in the ocean by taking a photo of the Lighthouse and sharing it with the tags #håpforhavet and #oceanhope.

Good neighbours

  • Norsk Maritimt Museum / Heidi Thöni Sletten

When you have arrived to Bygdøynes, you should also visit our iconic neighbour museums, the Fram and Kon-Tiki museums. These museums tell the stories about polar heroes and explorers at sea. Joint tickets are available at all the museums.

Historical voyage on the Oslo Fjord (only during summer)

  • Vaaghals på fjorden
    Norsk Maritimt Museum

Join us for a green excursion on the reconstructed renaissance boat 'Vaaghals', and experience Oslo from the lower sea side! You will learn about the old city of Oslo, from an archeological perspective, and be given the chance to row and set sail if the wind allows it. No sailing experience is necessary. Dates are announced before summer each year, and tickets are available in the museum's visitors centre. Duration: ca 1,5 hours included a safetyreview.