Maritime archeology at Bygdøynes

Join us for a day of maritime archeology and exciting events for the whole family!

  • Barn som sitter på et gulv og setter sammen en knust keramikk tallerken
    Norsk Maritimt Museum / Heidi Thöni Sletten

Join in for a day of maritime archeology and learn more about how the marin archeologists work in the field! What is the difference between nature and culture? And what can old garbage tell us about the people living before us? The archeological session starts at 12:00 and 14:00.

At 13:00 and 14:30 you can get a tour behind the scenes, and see how the curators prepare the artefcts before an exhibition. Here you can see the unique finding of one of Oslo`s oldes boat, excavated from Bjørvika. 

Do not miss out on our familiy activity "Mission Bygdøyes" a quiz puzzle that takes you through all the three museums at Bygdøynes; Fram, Kon-Tiki and the Maritime Museum. 

  • Dykker på sjøbunn i grønt vann med bryne i hendene.
    Dykker med funn av bryne.