Easter mysteries at Bygdøynes

Welcome to a drawing workshop, film screening at the Kon-Tiki museum, and a "rubbish" activity by the lighthouse outside the Norwegian Maritime Museum.

  • Arrangement ved Fyrtårnet ved Norsk Maritimt Museum, laget av søppel fra havet.
    Norsk Maritimt Museum

Recieve our Green Capital booklet "Mission Bygdøynes" for free, where you can solve puzzles in all three museums.

On the day, you will be able to watch the film "Aku-Aku", which is about Thor Heyerdahl's expedition to Easter Island in 1955/56. The film will be shown at 10:30, 12:30, and 14:30 in the Kon-Tiki Museum's auditorium. There will also be a drawing workshop for children. 

This will be followed by a "rubbish" family activity outside next to the Norwegian Maritime Museum's lighthouse at 12:00, and 14:00. 

Hot chocolate and biscuits – a favourite of many sailors on the high seas – will be served at the lighthouse. 

Admission: You can buy your combination ticket in all three museums

Location: Outdoor by the lighthouse, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Fram Museum