Fjordbyen - Vernissage

On Friday, 28th of June, Norwegian Maritime Museum invites to Kafe´Fjord's newest exhibition "Fjordbyen" - a solo illustration exhibition by artist Alyona Storm.

This show will feature selected illustrations inspired by Oslo city neighborhoods, islands and city’s seafront, showing Oslo as a fjord city. Doors open at 4:00 p.m. Artworks available for purchase at the museum's shop. Snacks and refreshments. Welcome!

About Fjordbyen

  • Fjordbyen illustrasjon (Foto/Photo)
    Fjordbyen Alyona Storm

Oslo Fjordby (Fjord city) is a project showing city’s rich waterfront, inspiring areas with hidden treasures, modern architecture, traditional old wooden houses, beaches, islands, museums. The artist puts in focus her favourite spots in the city through minimalist digital and ink illustration. Areas loved by locals, recognized by travellers, its something for everybody - a fresh, summery look of the Oslo Fjord city.

About the artist

  • Alyona Storm (Foto/Photo)
    Alyona Storm Alyona Storm

Alyona Storm is inspired by harmony of capital city with nature. Having moved to Oslo 6 years ago, she was impressed with close access in the city to beaches, parks, forest, lakes and sea. While people often visit famous tourist places, she wants to draw the attention of both locals and tourists to Oslo’s breathtaking waterfront, islands, beaches.

She started nature themed sketches of the city from sea shells and pinecones, collected around Oslo beaches and parks. Sketches turned to ink illustrations and later artist moved to digital illustration, featuring buildings, sculptures, boats, growing into abstract maps of districts.

The artist is inspired by nature and architecture, she experiments with different techniques, like ink, watercolor, acrylics, oils, as well as minimalist digital illustration. Her works have been exhibited in group and solo shows in Oslo (Norway), Kyiv, Kherson, Odesa, Lviv (Ukraine).