Explore the Sea this spring!

In newest exhibition, our youngest visitors can explore an underwater world where the maritime folklore meets our times worst environmental problem: plastic pollution in the oceans.

  • Detalj fra modellen av F/F Emily (Foto/Photo)
    Norsk Maritimt Museum (Bilde 1 av 5)
  • Barn som leker i ubåten i museumsutstillingen (Foto/Photo)
    Norsk Maritimt Museum (Bilde 2 av 5)
  •  (Foto/Photo)
    Norsk Maritimt Museum (Bilde 3 av 5)
  • Bilde av anemonepute i utstilling til Oppdag havet (Foto/Photo)
    (Bilde 4 av 5)
  • Plastmonster laget av Kristin Günther og Pjotr Sapegin (Foto/Photo)
    (Bilde 5 av 5)

Join us below sea level when we discover and explore the sea! The story begins with our friend Marmælen where he tells his story and takes you into his underwater world. Join us through underwater caves and anemones, into the plastic laboratory and step on board the submarine! Here you learn, not only about the sea's many mythical and newly discovered beings, but also the consequences of plastic waste.

Renewal and the green shift

Parts of the exhibition "Norway is the sea" are now being renewed. Maritime archeology, shipping and the historical development of vessels are an important part of the museum's dissemination. In this exhibition, archeology becomes a unique gateway to consumption and waste history. The "garbage wave" will be one of this exhibition's main installation and shows the waste through the last 500 years. Here we get an important insight into exciting archaeological findings and visible evidence of the plastic pollution that characterizes many of today's ports and beaches. The plastic wave that rolls over us in the exhibition clearly shows how people in the last fifty years have contributed to a lot of destruction of the oceans. Therefore, the exhibition also sheds light on the positive forces that are already working to combat environmental damage. Our story of the green shift starts 500 years back in time with sailing ship time and fishing, oil age and container transport towards the current development of green shipping.

Discover and explore!

"Explore the sea" is an exhibition that must be experienced. The exhibition is made to appeal to our senses, emotions and intellect, when we see what is happening to the sea that we are so fond of and depended of. We look forward to welcoming laughing children, young people and adults who are eager to discover the sea. The exhibition is scheduled to open on the 6th of May.