Children's Boat Workshop

The Children's Boat Workshop is open on Sundays between 12 am - 3 pm. Here, shipbuilders of all ages meet to build brickboats.

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    Heidi Thöni Sletten / Norsk Maritimt Museum

The Children's Boat Workshop, is run by some of the Norwegian Maritime Museum'smost active "Friends of the Museum" members. As old veterans of the sea, they can tell you all about the life of a sailor, different shipowner brands, as well as help you with the construction of the brickboats. Brickboat kits may be paid for at the museum reception on arrival. From 60NOK.

The Children's Boat Workshop may also be open by appointment. Contact us in order to  book a time for your groups or school class.

Contact for the Children' s boat Workshop

For appointment for kindergardens or school groups