Between jungle and sea

- a stormy tale of the Chief and Sally Jones

  • Plakat for skuespillet "Mellom jungel og hav" i utstillinga Sally Jones, båten Queen of Congo på vannet, to skuespillere ombord. (Foto/Photo)
    Between jungle and sea - a stormy tale of the chief and Sally Jones!

A youngster longs to travel at sea, to see the world, sail in storms and experience love maybe, just like in the fairytales. But the biggest dream is to meet the ape, the lagendary Sally Jones. 

The story of Sally Jones has been told and heard a thousand times, but the story never gets old. 

"The story begins one stormy, tropical night. Deep in the African rainforrest, a baby gorilla is born. Neither the moon or the stars are visble this night, and therefore the pack eldest predicts the newborn will be struck by much harm in the future." 

So when the rookie runs into the a chief down by the port, the legend of Sally Jones becomes real. So, come along on a voyage between jungle and sea! In the middle of wild storms, sinking ships, hard work and broken hearts, is the story of a rookie, a Chief and the legend of an ape.

The childrens play is shown on the top deck at 12:00 and 13:30 in the exhibition "Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones". The play is suitable for children from age 5 and up and is included in your entrance ticket. The show will be played in norwegian language.

Tickets can be retrieved at the visitor centres front desk when you buy your tickets. We recommend you get your tickets early, cause to limited seats per show. The principle "First come, first served" applies. NB: This show is for the cildren, so we will provide tickets for the children first. Parents will of course be able to enjoy the show from outside of the main stage.