Cold, Cooling and Freezing in Nordic Contexts

Eis ein vergessenes Ladungsgut
Ingo Heidbrink
Greifswalder Hafenbote Nr. 31 Juni 2021

Our partner in the project “The Last Ice Age”, professor Ingo Heidbrink, has contributed this article to the Greifswalder Hafenbote, a journal published by the Museum harbour association in Greifswald, Germany. Here he reminds us that ice historically not only constituted an obstacle to navigation in the era of sail ships, but also a commodity, a cargo and source of income to many of the extant small and medium size vessels from this period that are now part of the sailing cultural heritage in many harbours around the Baltic and the North Sea. In the Norwegian Maritime Museum, our schooner “Svanen” is an example that illustrates this point. 

On Ice, railways and fish & chips
Per G. Norseng
Anglo-Norse Review

In the 2020 Summer issue of the Anglo-Norse Review, the project manager of the “Last Ice Age” project,  Per G. Norseng, points out both the decisive significance of the British market on the steep increase in the Norwegian export of natural ice from the 1850s, and the impact of Norwegian ice on the consumption of fresh fish in Britain (pp 14-18).

The Natural Ice Factory at Røsneshamn, Norway: How to Compete with Big-Tech by Using Nature
Ingo K. Heidbrink
The Environment & Society Portal

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Naturis fra Norge - Natureis aus Norwegen
Ingo Heidbrink
Zeitschrift „dialog“ der Deutsch-Norwegischen Gesellschaft E.V., Bonn. Juni 2021