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About the project "Seafarers during the pandemic"

The Norwegian Maritime Museum would like to know more about how Covid-19 have affected the lives of seafarers. We are interested in talking with all types of seafarers, from Norway and abroad.

  • Elisabeth Solvang Koren

Very few people outside of the seafaring industry know what transpires during a typical workday aboard a ship. The Corona pandemic has affected the lives and work of most people and many occupations have been deemed as more critical than other. The seafaring industry is an important facet of the world economy – still it has received less attention in media when compared to other occupations. If you participate, you will help to increase the knowledge about the seafaring industry and how it affects peoples’ lives. As such, your contribution can assist in preserving your story of being a seafarer for our posterity and future research. 

Therefore, we encourage seafarers to contact us!

What happens with your story is entirely up to you. Your story may be selected to be a part of the museum exhibition. If so, you decide if you want to be included or not. If not, your story will be securely saved in our archives as documentation of a unique time and place in our world history – and it may be used for future research. It is entirely up to you. After the interview is completed, you will receive a copy that you can view for yourself before approving it. It is possible to withdraw from the project at any time up until publication.  

It is also possible to make an anonymous contribution if that is preferred. All collected data will be managed in a secure fashion.

The interviews will be carried out in the following:

  • The interviews will be conducted digitally, such as Skype, at a time that suits you. 
  •  We can also communicate by texting if internet connectivity is an issue.
  •  The interview will last for about 45 minutes.
  •  We are interested in Norwegian- and English (also as a second language) speaking seafarers.

Interviews becomes an exhibiton

Some of the collected stories will be integrated into an exhibition and  will be proposed to other maritime museums which in turn may gain a broad  exposure. The selected stories will also be presented in other digital channelswith the aim of conveying the life of seafarers during Covid-19. 

The project is a collaboration between theNorwegian Maritime Museum and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - withfinancial support from Fritt Ord.

The Corona pandemic is a unique situation that has affected the work and lives of people around the world. By contributing to our project, you will take part in preserving these unique stories for our future descendants and increase our knowledge and understanding on the topic.